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About Us

We are a well-established Online Company who have been making number plates for over 15 Years. 3D Gel and 4D recently. We are DVLA approved and all our plates are Road Legal. We use the best matierals for our products and thrive to customer satisfaction. We offer a 3 month warrenty if anything was to happen to the plate or the gel letters were to fall of.

We are based in West Lothian, Scotland.

What fonts are legal?

Standard, Highline, Carbon and 3D are legal fonts. All plates are made road legal and made to BS specification unless made as show plates.

Will my 4D plates be legal after Sept 2021?

A question we are asked regularly. We have all heard the news or read articles that these plates will not be legal after september 2021. This is not true. If your plate was made before September 2021 and they were purchased as a road legal plate, they will always be legal as they will show the old code (BSAU 145d). If your plate was made after September 2021 it will show the new code (BSAU 145de). Even with this new law, 3D gel and 4D plates will still be road legal.










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